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Web Access

CDI's Client Web portal allows each of our clients to log into our secure website. Clients have access to all of their information on each of their accounts. Clients can run their own reports, update account information and report payments. With web access our customers can upload new account listing files or enter accounts on to custom built forms.

InterProse ACE

CDI utilizes the power of the ACE Collections Management System by InterProse. ACE is the premiere name in the account receivable management industry. Fully automated processes manage every facet of the recovery process. With ACE, CDI can fully customize the account flow to meet our clients' needs. ACE allows our recovery specialists to maximize their time on the most important part of recovery, personal phone contact with your consumers.

ACE Virtual Agent

ACE from InterProse includes a virtual agent feature that can be accessed anytime. It can be used to check current balance and even setup payment schedules if your account qualifies for one of our payment plans.

Interactive Voice Response

CDI utilizes an interactive voice response system to allow consumers 24/7 access to CDI for the latest account information. Consumers can inquire on their account balance, update their telephone number and address information, negotiate a payment plan and pay their account with a credit card or check by phone.

Customized Reporting

CDI offers a list of reports which are available for all clients. But, if a client needs a report or data that is not currently offered with the existing reports, CDI can customize a report to meet the client's need. All reports whether generated in a text or Excel format are quick and can be saved with the client's data files on his/her computer for later reference.

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