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Standard Collections

Accounts listed with CDI Affiliated Services, Inc. and CBP Affiliated Services are sent through a national bankruptcy database to ensure that the consumer or associated accounts have not been included in an existing bankruptcy. After the accounts are filtered through the bankruptcy database, we send the account through the US Postal Service's national change of address database. This assists us in providing the most up to date address for quicker, more efficient delivery of our initial, attorney certified letter to the consumer. Shortly after the initial letter is sent, our recovery specialists begin calling the consumer in an effort to recover your accounts. 30 days after the account was listed with our agency, we report unpaid accounts to the credit repositories. When accounts require legal attention, they transition to our legal team for further recovery efforts.

Customized Collections

Not all customers have the same needs. That's why CDI and CBP work with our customers to customize a recovery solution that is right for them. No matter if it is a small group of accounts or all of a customer's accounts, we will build the solution to meet their needs while focusing on recovery efficiencies.

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