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Standard Collections

Accounts listed with CDI Affiliated Services, Inc. and CBP Affiliated Services are sent through a national bankruptcy database to ensure that the consumer or associated accounts have not been included in an existing bankruptcy. After the accounts are filtered through the bankruptcy database, we send the account through the US Postal Service's national change of address database. This assists us in providing the most up to date address for quicker, more efficient delivery of our initial, attorney certified letter to the consumer. Shortly after the initial letter is sent, our recovery specialists begin calling the consumer in an effort to recover your accounts. 30 days after the account was listed with our agency, we report unpaid accounts to the credit repositories. When accounts require legal attention, they transition to our legal team for further recovery efforts.

Customized Collections

Not all customers have the same needs. That's why CDI and CBP work with our customers to customize a recovery solution that is right for them. No matter if it is a small group of accounts or all of a customer's accounts, we will build the solution to meet their needs while focusing on recovery efficiencies.

Pre Collect

When a client wants a friendly payment reminder sent to its past due consumer, our Pre-Collect Service fills the need. We explain to the consumer that our client asked us to contact him in order to advise him of the status of the account. We request that the consumer contact and make all payments directly to our client. It's fast and effective. This service helps preserve our client's relationships with many of its customers. Typically, if the account is not resolved after 30 days, it will be sent into our standard collection services recovery phase.

Flex Pay

Flex Pay Solutions is our premier self-pay management program for medical accounts. With Flex Pay, we allow consumers to pay their accounts over a period of time without intervention of a full collection service. We setup a monthly payment program with the consumer, send out custom statements and process payments on behalf of our client. Our client receives a convenient monthly check and statement listing all of the accumulated payments. If a consumer does not follow the terms of the program, the account automatically rolls into our standard collection services for additional efforts. This program helps protect participants' dignity and self respect while it saves our clients time, money and increases the chances of full recovery.

CDI and CBP are aware that we are an extension of your business and reputation. Regardless of which service you choose, CDI and CBP will pursue your accounts in an effective, professional manner.