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CDI Affiliated Services, Inc.

CDI Affiliated Services, Inc. is a leading provider of collection services to the medical, utility, and consumer retail industries serving the Inland Northwest's most prominent businesses since 1976. Services offered include traditional collection services, pre-collection services, and custom account receivable management solutions. CDI Affiliated Services also has an office located in Pocatello, operating under the name of CBP Affiliated Services, serving our Eastern Idaho region.

CDI Affiliated Services, Inc. started back in 1976 as Credit Data Idaho, Inc. CBP Affiliated Services was originally started as Credit Bureau of Pocatello, Inc in 1956. The two companies merged in 2003 and on August 1, 2005, the names were changed to CDI Affiliated Services and CBP Affiliated Services. In today's ever expanding marketplace our customers across the nation know that we provide successful and ethical collection services in Idaho and beyond.

If you have an account with us and would like to contact us by email please fill out the Email/Fax Authorization form located under the Documents and links page of our website. Please attach it to your email with any questions. You can email us at info@cdresource.com.

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